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ETA Professional Development Grants

ETA Member Safety Checklist

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Two-Spirit and the FAIR Education Act

Fall STEM Activities

Podcasts you can use in your classroom

Micro CertificationsUNITS AVAILABLE THROUGH CHICO STATE THAT WILL COUNT AS UNITS FOR SALARY SCHEDULE COLUMN MOVEMENT – Micro-certifications are short, competency-based courses that allow educators to demonstrate mastery in a particular area. Choose those that interest you and complete them when and how you choose!

SEL 3 Signature Practices Playbook

Member Benefits

ETA Professional Development Grants

More information to come! This is an exciting opportunity to directly impact our students’ learning. Click here to join the committee and help get this started!

ETA Catastrophic Leave Bank

Enrollment for ETA’s Catastrophic Leave Bank for new members or members who have not joined, but wish to, occurs during the month of September. Members who are part of the CLB can request grants of sick leave from the Committee if they have a catastrophic illness, or an immediate family member who requires their presence has a catastrophic illness, and have exhausted all their own accumulated sick leave. Members must have also agreed to donate to the CLB. It takes 2 years to become fully vested in the CLB.

CTA Conferences and Training

CTA Scholarships and Awards

CTA’s Scholarships & Awards recognizes educators and members of the community who promote quality public education and impact their students and community. Click here for more information.

CTA Disaster Relief Fund

The CTA Disaster Relief Fund is a resource available to all members who suffer significant losses due to natural disasters. Click here for more information.

ETA Documents and Forms

For MOU’s and Side Letters, click here to go to the Bargaining page

ETA Standing Rules

PAC Opt-Out Form

Political Action Committee (PAC) Notification of Non-Participation form: PAC’s goal is to greatly enhance ETA’s ability to participate in the political process affecting our community and ETA members. At the beginning of every school year, members have the ability to opt out of ETA’s PAC. Download the document on the right for more information. The deadline to notify the Association for 2021-2022 was September 24, 2021.

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