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Call to Action 8/31/21

Your ETA leadership team’s frustration with the district administration’s poor communication and inability to adequately provide us with the resources that we need to meet the needs of our students has not waned and in fact has significantly increased with recent events. Major Concerns from the Past Two Weeks (as of August 31, 2021): No…

ETA Member Update and Safety Checklist

The school year has begun, and yet, our school district continually fails to provide adequate information to you and to site administrators to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our students and for ourselves. Although the District does not share our sense of urgency to bargain an MOU around safety and the new Independent…

Member Update 8/23/21

Dear Colleagues, Below is an email I sent to the Board of Trustees today.  Due to the seriousness of the concerns outlined below, I felt it was important to also share with the members of the Evergreen Teachers Association.  ETA Leadership has a responsibility to keep members informed especially around the areas of member well…

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