Call to Action 8/31/21

Your ETA leadership team’s frustration with the district administration’s poor communication and inability to adequately provide us with the resources that we need to meet the needs of our students has not waned and in fact has significantly increased with recent events.

Major Concerns from the Past Two Weeks (as of August 31, 2021):

  • No staffing for 7 SPED classes for the start of the school year, and then assigned SLP’s and Psychs (with less than 24 hours notice) to provide coverage.
  • No preparation, nor implementation, of the contractually mandated preparation time for 4,5,6th grade classroom teachers.
  • Expansion of Intensive Support Program without having the necessary staffing required for a safe and successful program.
  • Still no MOU in place for Safety or Independent Study (ETA reached out 7/22 to start the process).
  • No updated Safety Plan when school began on 8/18/21 (not until 8/27/21).
  • Testing and contact tracing was not in place at the start of the year. Information continues to be vague and inconsistent as of 8/31/21 (DO emailed it will begin 9/1/21). UPDATE: THIS HAS BEEN DELAYED TO 9/8/21.

Ongoing Pattern of Concerns from the Past Year and a Half: 

  • Independent Study as mandated in AB130 needs to have district employees provide the interaction and teaching. The District continues to move toward contracting out our work with the third party, for profit company, Edgenuity.
  • The Human Resource Department did not follow the CBA or ED Code when dozens of certificated staff were kept in temporary status, in some cases for years.
  • Over 40 certificated staff unnecessarily received layoff notices in the spring 2021. 
  • Not honoring an agreement between the Assistant Superintendent of HR and non re-elects that would allow them to resign in lieu of non-re-election.
  • Still no ventilation assessment by an independent third party, as was agreed to in the return to in-person MOU last April (MOU states to be completed by May 21, 2021).
  • No response from the district administration to a Demand to Bargain the Independent Study Program that was sent to the Superintendent and copied to the Board on 8/19/21 that included a formal request for necessary information regarding the IS program to be received by 8/23/21.
  • Not copying the ETA President on replies to emails that were sent on behalf of ETA by our CTA support staff person Michael Hickey, even though the president was copied on all of them and absolutely should be included in any and all responses back
  • Last year, a disinfectant was being applied across the district that was not approved by the Santa Clara Department of Health, the California State Department of Health, nor was it on the EPA list of approved disinfectants for addressing COVID-19.
  • Repeated failure of the administration to provide the association with accurate data at a frequency required under the law (AB119).

We, the members of ETA, cannot stand by silently as the incompetence and poor communication of the district administration continues to negatively impact our working conditions, our ability to meet the needs of our students, and threatens the health and safety of our students and staff. 

Your leadership is calling for all ETA members to stand together to advocate for our students. Please go to the following link, which is a google form, to answer a quick but very important survey. We are counting on all of our members to be engaged and use their voice so we can once again effectively advocate for all students and staff.  

Please complete this quick survey by Friday, September 3:

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