Our working conditions are the students’ learning conditions. ETA’s negotiating team bargains for safe, professional working conditions for the teachers and certificated staff of Evergreen School District.

Whenever a contract expires and a new one is not yet in place, the previous contract remains in effect until a new contract is ratified by the membership.

Your ETA bargaining team participates in extensive negotiation and finance trainings developed by the California Teachers Association (CTA). Your negotiators are directed by the ETA Executive Board during the negotiations process. Members are given updates during the bargaining process and when bargaining is complete.

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Suzanne Lima

Bargaining Chair

2nd Grade Teacher at Millbrook Elementary School

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Sarah Johnson


Math Teacher at Chaboya Middle School

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Susana Machado


3rd Grade Teacher at James F. Smith Elementary School

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Shirley Madsen


Kindergarten Teacher at Tom Matsumoto Elementary School

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