ETA Members! Call to Action 3/29/22

If our district wants to attract and retain teachers, a 1% raise will not get that done. It’s time to stand up and speak out!

Please do the following in support of our current contract negotiations:

  • MARCH 29 – APRIL 1: Email school board members by Friday, April 1, in advance of our April 6 bargaining session. See below for email addresses and talking points. It’s best to send from a personal email address.
  • FRIDAY, APRIL 1: Wear your ETA shirt
    • Wear your ETA shirt 
    • Attend the rally before the school board meeting
    • Speak at the school board meeting
    • Stand in solidarity with members who are speaking 

Talking points (more info on our Bargaining page)

  • Teachers and staff have worked extremely hard over the last two years. We have been there when our students and our district have needed us. 
  • Attracting and retaining staff should be a priority, and a 1% increase will not do that.
  • Cost of living and inflation continue to skyrocket.
  • Share a personal story of how this has impacted you.

Board of Trustees Contact Information,,,, 

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